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Procedural Part

Nirzara kriya

It is natural alchemy which can create rhythm and harmony in body, mind, and energy. Body, mind, and energy are very very deeply related together. In nirzara kriya, we start from the physical body and with the help of ‘prana’ and ‘intense awareness’ jumps to energy vibrations. This causes the miraculous healing of life.

Dynamic part

In this part, we aware fully charge every cell of our body by pranic energy without interfering with the natural way of breathing.


It must be rhythmic and without stress. Effortlessness – For the initiator, it is effortful but after a few days, sincere and awareful practice, you will have the intuitional skill to do it effortlessly.

Passive part

It is the process of ‘Allowing’. Let the energy move wherever it is required.

Universal intelligence diverts this energy towards proper chakras to heal the life principle.

Be a witness of whatever is happening in body and mind. Be relax and passively awareful.

Just allow, don’t resist, or expect something great.

Let your divine potential be awakened by itself.


Don’t do it with a heavy stomach or when you are hungry.

The morning time is the best.

For females, don’t do it during the menstruation cycle and pregnancy period.

Vibrations of Gratitude

Now, you are breathing! How have you earned it? Breathing goes on automatically, spontaneously, in the day and at night. How have you earned it? When you were a baby, unable to do anything, somebody cared you, nourished you. How have you earned it? You can see beautiful flowers, the rising sun, your beloved and so many things. How have you earned it?
It is only grace. You have not earned it in any way. It is simply graced that you experience life.

We are trapped by the vibrations of lack. In our innermost core, we feel unlucky. There are a number of unfulfilled desires and dreams and there is always ‘ I have not ’ feeling in our energy vibrations.
As similar attracts similar, we suffer by more failure and more lack.
How to transcend the lack of vibrations? Here we have a simple and very powerful creative process. We are replacing lack vibrations by the vibrations of gratitude.

Gratitude doesn’t work by mere verbal ‘thank you’. It is deeper than that. It is a spontaneous response by our sensitive heart. It is overflowing love and respect for existence. Gratitude has its own energy science.

The first grace is the gift of life. If our Being is in the state of gratitude, it connects with the universal power and we receive more and more from it.
Be grateful for already you have, go on counting your blessings and you will attract more and more good things. Your heart which is full of gratitude brings you in the realm of the creative energy of the universe.

Gratitude feeling

Start making a list of to be grateful for. This shifts your Vibrancy.

  • Do not get out of the bed until you have felt the feeling of gratitude for the new day.

Make it a habit to feel the feelings of gratitude in advance for the great day ahead.

  • Feel gratitude for the existence, for the life, for your room, furniture, equipment and everything you concern.
  • Feel gratitude about the people you work for and you work with.

Gratitude in action

Power of giving – richness in our energy field

Gratitude in advance

Sankalpa siddhi


Anahat chakra dhyan