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Level 1 – Rejuvenescence of the energy body

Rejuvenescence of the energy body

This level deals with energy consciousness and gives a profound sense of life energy dimensions. It releases the trapped and conditioned energy and opens the door of many many possibilities within you.

Although the first level is a foundation of the second level, it is a complete unit carrying a full potential to enhance your life.

Gives you access to the inner experience of wholeness and deep ocean of living energy.

It gives a sense of completeness, integrity, unity and relates to a higher level of consciousness.

This accelerates your ability to access heightened life energy and intelligence.

It releases limiting patterns and conditionings from the past and leads to the fulfilment of your greatest potential.

It awakens your transformative power within you to personal growth and empowers you to excel.

The world has profoundly changed by science and technology but the question remains, who we are in connection with the entire existence?

According to science, everything is energy. String theory and quantum science suggest that different things are simply variations in energy vibrations like sound notes. I, you, the tree, the sun, the moon, the mountains all are nothing but different modes of energy. All the universes are the dance of this one and the same energy beyond space and time. All our activities are nothing but energy movements.

But where we find our profound place in this infinite ocean of energy? By knowing that everything is energy doesn’t help us to face the challenges and complexity in our personal lives and relationships, in our professional lives and in day to day struggle. It doesn’t open the door of the source of love, inner peace, affluence, and tranquillity.

This is because ‘everything is energy’ is not the final answer to our existence. It is not just a blind and accidental energy movement. ‘Life’ is not just a dance of electrons and protons. Our body is not a manifestation of insentient energy. Every cell is full of intelligence. If there is no life principle in the body, even though the body is a manifestation of energy and it is still there, we say that it is dead. Life is a mystery, not just an energy equation.

Transcendence of physical body

Seven levels of consciousness

Although consciousness manifests in infinite ways creating subject-object duality or passing through pain and pleasure, it contains seven levels. Each level has it’s infinite dimensions. Yoga considers seven centers in the body known as ‘chakras’ similarly we have seven bodies wiz. The physical body, Etheric body, Astral body, Mental body, Spiritual body, Cosmic body, and Bodyless body.

The physical body is the food body. It is just biochemistry guided by genetic programming. It works by the instinct of survival and reproduction. While other bodies belong to subtler and subtler mystic energies. Rejuvenating energy bodies means we are dealing with our Etheric and Astral bodies. Whatever happens in our lives first settles in the energy body and then reflects through the physical body. Every success or failure, disease or health, love or hate, etc. sprouts from the energy body and manifests through the physical body. Healing of life means healing of energy body. This is not physical energy created by oxidation in the physical body but it is living energy known as prana.

Prana- the vibrant space

Five planes of prana

There is something subtler than the energy which is responsible for the manifestation of life is known as Prana. It is omnipresent and all-penetrating. The human body, animal body, the plants, and every life form is a manifestation of this prana. The gross physical energy is also manifested due to friction between Akasha and Prana.  Prana cannot be perceived as it is so subtle and beyond all ordinary perceptions. All the forces like gravitation, magnetism, nuclear attraction, etc. are the different manifestations of Prana. At the end of the cycle all the forces that are in the universe resolve back into the Prana.

Our individual existence is a little wave of this eternal ocean of prana which is vital and live force in every being. It is the birthright and only capital of every living organism. In the human being the prana exists in five different modes or planes. We have five senses which represent prana in a certain state of vibration. When these five planes of prana are in balance and in harmony we experience vibrant energy and our ‘life’ opens the door to power and happiness. Prana is the substratum of our conscious mind, subconscious mind, unconscious mind, and astral energy.

Rejuvenation of the energy body means to know and direct this Prana consciously. Our breath rhythm, heart pulse, brain functions, digestion, etc. are carried out by this pranic intelligence. Prana gives a certain quality to our energy and this energy field resonates with similar energy fields. In other words, similar attracts similar. For instance, if you are depressed and miserable, you attract similar persons, events, and situations in your life. On the other hand, if you are happy and joyful in totality (not only on a conscious level but including the subconscious and unconscious part of your existence) then you attract the wellbeing in your life.

The first level reflects in various areas of life profoundly.

  • Excellence
  • Balanced success
  • Peak performance
  • Winners attitude
  • Art of self-motivation
  • A call to action


Prana cannot be healed as it is always pure and untouched. Only the question is, how to make the even flow and enhance the level of this prana in our individual existence. How to make the connection of individual being to the eternal ocean of the life force. Prana can be directed and enhanced by heightening the level of awareness. This awareness is not ‘alertness’ of the conscious mind, but it is the eternal witness of our ‘alertness’ and ‘non-alertness’. In our workshop, we use different profound methods and intense meditations to shift you to the realm of awareness. It dissolves the blocks and frees your trapped energy.

Many people and traditions believe that prana is breath, but this is not true. Breathing happens due to prana but breathing is not prana.

Transcendence of causal plane