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How It is Different?

What is it? Is it asanas, pranayamas and all that?

It is different. It is the process based on understanding the reality within us. Unfolding the nature of our inner Being.

Are you working on mind power and hypnotism?

The mind has no power. It is because the mind is the only a collection of thoughts, memory and emotions. We transcend the mind and recognize our magnificence and potential.

Then it may be positive thinking and law of attraction?

Not at all. We think positive due to fear of negative, desiring something. Desire represents lack in the present moment and fear is a negative frequency.

What about stress?

Stress depends upon your interpretation of the event or situation. Interpretation comes through your belief systems and conditionings. If roots and causes are not healed, so called positive thinking and stress management is vanity.

Is it personality development and memory training?

No. So-called personality is a superficial thing. It doesn’t concern your success and failure. We are dealing with the vibrations of our energy body. Memory depends on inner harmony.

Is it reiki?

It is not healing. Every energy healing disturbs the ‘karmic structure’ of the healer and the one who is healed. This can create some serious consequences which are unnecessary. Here we are working on ourselves.

How is it useful for my career, in my married life, job, performance, concentration etc.?

All these are branches and leaves of your life tree. Being is their essence. If a being is healed, everything settles.

But my problems are different?

If we understand the causality of their existence, we can change their influence.

How this workshop is benefited in all areas of my life?

It seems everything is good and fine in my life, should I join this workshop?

Someone can go on smiling with his success and possessions but deep down he knows that his life has not been of any significance. Inner emptiness cannot be filled by outer stuff and it cannot enter into your Being. With outside things he can at most deceive and impress others but not himself. Life cannot be wasted only in accumulating impermanent things, otherwise, things are growing more and more, and inside you are shrinking.
Every day in the morning, you wake up and deal with your responsibilities, with your work and possessions but inside, you go ‘nowhere’. You are becoming less and less alive. You are moving nearer and nearer to the death and sooner or later you will dissolve with empty hands. Your worldly glamour doesn’t work at the gate of heaven ‘within you’.

Your existence depends on the eyes of others. People amass things just to see that they are rich in the eyes of others. For you, doing and having has become more and more important. When doing and having become more and more important beyond your actual needs, you lose all contact with your Being, you lose all contact with the source of life. Therefore, right now, you have only the outer world and you don’t have any inner splendor. You are not aware of it. You know only the world of matter and objects. You know everything around you, except yourself.

When you know only the world of matter and objects, the world of your ego and pride, then you are unaware of your great potential within you. Soon you will get fed up with your so-called doings and havings. You cannot be always excited about them. The physical world of sensations and actions is only the beginning and superficial reality of consciousness.

An intelligent human cannot dream of a life like a healthy animal whose basic needs are fulfilled. He always wants to explore the deeper layers of life. He knows that life is infinite with its infinite dimensions. He is not rigid and conditioned. His heart is open and he allows his inner sense to function. He is not clinging to a particular frame of life which is imitated and borrowed. He gives himself as many opportunities as possible.

Only such a human is capable to unfold the mysterious phenomenon of life.