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Eternal field of awareness – the Ultimate Power

Awareness is pure knowingness by ‘nobody’. The brain-mind translates it into somebody’s awareness. During the process of evaluation, the brain gets trained in that way.

The brain’s so-called recognition and labelling have only relative significance. it is just biochemical, bioelectrical response to the stimulation. On the absolute level, the brain understands nothing without intelligence which is not part of the brain.

Only intelligence exists and nothing else. When this eternal intelligence gets identified with brain genetic and cultural programming there is an experience of the world.

The concept of success and failure, the concept of competition, the concept of higher and lower is the modification of fear. It is the fear of uncertainty of survival of the biochemical form known as ‘body’. All the ambitions, motives, and intentions are simply a biochemical imbalance in the endocrine system. It is caused by copying tendency and cultural, social conditioning. Everything happens in the field of awareness, with the support of awareness but nothing can touch the awareness.

मंडल बनाती चेतना ..... स्वास प्राण पर खिले चेतना ... विचारों के साथ तादात्म्य ... सजगता की आहट ... फिर स्वास प्राण पर ......... Simple but profound meditation. If one goes through it consistently, it has full potential to transform the meditator.

Quantum Shift Workshop gives you adventurous techniques to tune with the eternal field of awareness- the ever-shining intelligence- all-embracing love and freedom. It helps to move you into the unknown, unexperienced territory of yourself.
You move into the paradox of utter emptiness full of energy and action arising from silence and stillness. It provides worthiness to be unconditionally happy. It gives freedom from deep frustration and anger. You can create your paradise.