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How this workshop is benefited in all areas of my life? 

Stress-free life

Here we are not acting on the stress directly. When we understand the total mechanism of stress, it transforms into our creative potential.

There is no independent objective world outside. Moment to moment, we materialize our own world. We create it unconsciously.

When we work on the causal point, we see that stress is just suppressed anger and fear stimulated by outer stimulations. This ‘outer’ has no independent existence. It is just an expression of our conditioned consciousness.

We cannot become stress-free by psychological or physical method, because all these methods give validity to stress. No positive thinking works as it arises from the fear of negative. So let’s deal with the subject and not the illusory object. When we improve our face, there is no need to change the mirror (world). If you realize the quality of your consciousness, the mystery of ‘you’ and the ‘world’ unfolds and everything changes in the right direction.



Everybody has a mental image of himself. This mental image is a result of different past experiences, cultural, social, and genetic conditioning. Everybody borns Intelligent but this intelligence functions according to the subconscious and unconscious conditionings. No psychological method can uncondition the total mind in one lifetime, keeping the person sane.

We are giving you, a very different and profound approach. Everybody is a part of the unified energy field and this energy resonates with a similar energy field. As everything is energy, you attract things, people, and circumstances according to your energy frequency. Our career and work are our energy expressions.

How can one change his energy frequency? For this, we have to go beyond grosser levels of perceptions. Beyond the quantum level, you exist as a pure creative potential with infinite intelligence. You are the part of the eternal field of awareness which is the source of creation.

We work on perceptual shift where subject and object merge into one and transcendence of self-image takes place spontaneously. You allow the universal intelligence to flow through you and hence if you are interested in a career, it is bound to shine.


We are always dreaming of wonderful relationships. But what is our experience? Our relationships are always polluted by arguments, conflicts, manipulations, jealously, possessiveness, and emotional or even physical violence. They are only accidental and unconscious.

For love to flourish, for relationships to blossom, you have to understand the whole mechanism of it. We know, egocentric relationships always create pain, stress, and disturbance.

Consciously and unconsciously, you seek attention, you want to be loving and loveable.

You need harmonious relationships in all areas of life. This happens when we touch the deep intelligence of life. What is this intelligence? It is the love, the pure space, the state of being. As there is no independent objective world, your relationships are your manifestation. It represents the quality of your consciousness.

In this case, only intellectual understanding doesn’t work. We require a perceptual shift, the transformation in the quality of our consciousness. If we have subjective (not objective) experience of silence (which is not opposite of noise), fullness, and eternity, everything works according to our dream.

Perfect Weight

Perfect weight is a result of total health. The body has it’s unverbal language and its own intelligence. The solid, tangible body is only superficial reality. It is the vibrating energy of the unified energy field.

When you have a natural sense of vibrational awareness, you respond to the body signals spontaneously. Then you love your body tremendously without any attachment with it. You will never become so obsessed with making it thin ignoring its needs. Now you have inner awareness of your subconscious activities and your lifestyle is not stressful and unnatural which creates hormonal imbalance.

When we shift to our natural state, to our beingness, then we eat not to experience a false pleasure.

Similarly, we eat not to entertain ourselves to suppress our inner emptiness and boredom. Your natural intelligence takes charge of you and automatically you get your perfect weight without any dieting or body torture.

Restful Sleep

Our current perception of life is a perception of ‘life stuff’ and not the ‘life’ itself. This stuff is our conditional interpretation. Throughout the day we react with these interpretations, likes-dislikes, pain-pleasure, and number of similar things. Everything takes its toll in the form of energy.

When the conscious mind sleeps, our unconscious mind surfaces and it goes on carrying the same drama and absorbs pranic energy. Therefore 24 hours a day, our body and mind are in the disturbance. Hence we have no experience of deep and peaceful sleep. When you shift nondual perception, your thought awareness becomes vibrational awareness and you can experience a sound, rejuvenating sleep in which individual mind touches the universal mind.

Living life with fullest potential

What will happen if our consciousness is totally unconditioned so as to function wholly? Can we use the tremendous vitality of millions of years that our genes and brain carry? Can we establish a new awareness of intelligence that is free from anger, fear, grief, and craving?

Now our whole intelligence, our whole energy field is not in function. It is not sensitive, it is fragmented. We are trying to find answers within this fragment, within the little corner of vast intelligence. We are unaware of the depth and immensity of life. The content of our consciousness is unhappiness, misery, sorrow, struggle, and images we have collected through painful or pleasurable experiences.

Now, frustration, agony, pleasure, fear, hatred is our consciousness. We are not integrated as a ‘whole being’ but we are divided into conscious and unconscious parts. Consciously we are doing something, but unconsciously the motive is entirely different from the conscious urge. Therefore our energy is always in friction. Whether we are healthy or unhealthy, wealthy, or unwealthy the inner quality of life is brutal, terrible, and ugly.

In the quantum shift workshop, we deal with the internal comfort zone, so that our unique creative talents and abilities surface. Radical perceptual shift establishes a new awareness of life which is blessed beyond our fondest dreams. The infinite number of channels open for us spontaneously. We abide in peace, love, and energy which fills our heart, our mind, our consciousness, our very being. As there is no limit to the energy and intelligence within our being, we can expose the whole content of consciousness and understand it totally. It unlocks our creative power and love so that our life force can dance with its splendor and glory.