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Transcendence of causal plane

Quantum shift works on dynamics and interplay of consciousness. Helps to awake the inner scientist who liberates the trapped life energy. It has a scientific process to unfold the mystery of your success and failure.

Everybody is searching for inner rhythm, the rhythm of life. Sometimes in money, Sometimes in power and prestige or in different kinds of relationships. There is a deep sense of lack and incompleteness. Our whole energy field is trapped in intense craving, wanting, and needing. Our communication is so closed, mechanical, and unsatisfying. Our heart wants to know something of the transcendental. We want something that will relax us so deeply and so completely that we can restore our vigor and awaken our intelligence.

The Causal Plane

It is the source of our misery and happiness, success, and failure. In our life, in this physical universe, nothing is accidental, everything has a cause-effect connection. Our body energy works according to genetic programming while our mind energy functions according to social and cultural conditionings. Both body and mind have their deeper and deeper layers, conscious, subconscious, unconscious, astral. They are rooted in millions and millions of years back. Life is so transient, so momentary, it is too short. We are occupied in small and big things and we have never worried about our Being, our source, the essence of manifestation.

New kind of energy

RICA quantum shift deals with our life energy, our consciousness, our beingness. When we have a deeper understanding of our being, our actions have new qualities. The quality of grace, confidence, and wisdom. Whatever you do, it will carry the beauty of its own. You can do the best you can do with life.

Natural alchemy

RICA quantum shift provides you a methodology of inner science. You can dive into your being very very deep, penetrating layers after layers. Your mind becomes extraordinarily subtle, alive, and awake. When the mind is profoundly quiet but alive, your being becomes still and vibrant. In that stillness and allowing, the causal blocks evaporate and energy gets rejuvenated. You can see clear space within you which is beyond mind, which is endless. Once you understand the steps, you walk on your own. The beauty of this inner science is that it enables whoever wants to explore and experiment within and no obligation to accept a certain ideologies.

Creative solutions

During the workshop, you are trained for Nirzara kriya which is a very easy, powerful, and scientific technique to heighten your awareness. It dissolves the stumbling blocks in your subconscious and unconscious levels. You start experiencing life so vast, so immense, so surprising and mysterious. It makes you smooth, calm, and intelligent. You share this existence deeply and lovingly. The plane of your understanding has changed now. When you start experiencing a higher state of your being, creative solutions and excellent ideas surface naturally and easily.

Journey beyond the field of β€˜me’ and β€˜non me’

Our real intelligence cannot be awakened until we are free from the polar opposites. Our energy field and perception remain fragmented. We cannot move into the unlimited dimensions of who we are. We interpret things according to our background, according to our memory and not by intelligence. RICA workshop gives you a simple, natural, and effortless process. It allows your mind to settle inward beyond polarities to experience your pure beingness, the higher level of consciousness, your innermost self. In this state, your energies function with significantly greater coherence and vibrancy.

The spontaneous movement of energy

Now our actions and decisions are dominated by our past memory, social, cultural programming, and different belief systems. Moment to moment our energy is directed by this stuff and not by us. Therefore our actions sprout from the conditioned past and they are not the actions of β€˜now’. There is always friction and contradictions among the different dimensions of our fragmented energy. RICA quantum shift deals with inner integration and moves you in the direction of inner freedom. Your actions, decisions, and visions sprout from the eternal field of now and not from the dead past. Now trapped energy is free and unbound and directed by a higher intelligence.

The Transcendence

It is not a concept or mental information. Transcendence means something that has actually happened to you which has shifted you to higher dimensions. You go beyond happiness and unhappiness, utterly peaceful, quiet, and in absolute equilibrium. Transcendence is heart alchemy, it is not mental. If a person is too much engaged with his intellect, he will miss much that is available here and now. It cannot be understood from outside and there cannot be any objective knowledge about it. Transcendence is absolutely subjective. It is the flower bloomed in your consciousness where space and time lose their rigidity.

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