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Happiness and wellbeing

Happiness and wellbeing is our inner vibrational state, independent of external circumstances. It comes through the direct experience of pure consciousness. It sprouts from an absolutely unconditioned mind, from our inner freedom. Freedom from fear, freedom from sufferings, and incompleteness. It is freedom from compulsive thinking, freedom from negativity and dullness, and from past and future as a psychological need.
Only in this state, you can taste unbound love, peace, and symphony. It is the live infinite empty space that opens the innermost mystery of your being.

In our workshop, the radical shift in perception provides access to the profound silence of the innermost core. The peacefulness and bliss of that pure state are naturally integrated into our daily living. When consciousness shifts, everything rumbles. You become the healer of your physical, mental, and emotional dimensions. Quantum shift works on dynamics and interplay of consciousness. It helps to awake the inner scientist who liberates the trapped life energy. It is a scientific process to unfold the mystery of your happiness and wellbeing.

Creativity and intelligence

As a consciousness, we are infinite and unfathomable and not just brain and pathology. Creativity is a spontaneous dance of our pure and unconditioned pranic energy. It is the fragrance of our inner health. When you are peaceful, centered but full of energy, you allow creativity to happen through you. Creativity needs inner space, the whole inner sky. Now, our inner sky is foggy with our egotist stuff. We are simply the product of our cultural, social, and genetic programming. Therefore whatever we do is robot-like, imitation and hence nonsignificant.
Everybody is born creative but as we grow physically, very few persons remain creative. Creativity is a phenomenon in which our innermost spontaneity is exploring.


Creativity is the expression of ‘what you are’. It is ever new, ever fresh and it can never be a repetition. It sprouts from the whole organic unity. Creativity is something to do with your consciousness which is eternal Now.
In the quantum shift workshop, there is a radical shift in consciousness. It allows your mind to settle inward beyond thought to experience the most silent and peaceful level of consciousness. Which awakens the innate intelligence within you.

Sense of Being

We know ourselves logically and mentally. We know ourselves by the information given by others. We recognize ourselves by our name, by our status, by our gender, etc. Actually these are outer things and they have nothing to do with our being. We are identified with the body and different modes of mind. Body and mind go on changing continuously and hence they cannot be a changeless Being which is the substratum of the perception of all the changes. Body, mind and all the ‘mines’ are the ‘objects’ while Being is the ‘subject’. Without this ‘conscious subject,’ there exists nothing. Quantum shift workshop gives you away and insights to attune with our Beingness.

The power of ‘conscious silence’

We live life with a very very restless mind, it is always trapped with fear, grief, and anger. One leg of mind is always in dead past while it’s another leg is in the future which is imaginary. It moves like a pendulum making us crazy and tense full all the time. It keeps us in worry, anxiety, and boredom. Some people move towards alcohol, food, drug, sex, to avoid inner irritation.

Our source is existential, not a dogma, and different modes of mind. During the workshop, we get perceptual shifts to transcend the mind and abide by our pure consciousness, which is the source of rising and falling of the vast universes. 

This pure consciousness is infinite, deep, and eternal vibrant silence. This silence is not the absence of noise. It is an entirely different reality. If you have a glimpse of this silence and stillness, a sense of spontaneous happiness and wellbeing starts growing, life becomes significant, intelligent, and move effortlessly. Now we are touching the life directly and not only the life stuff. Thousand colored flowers can blossom in the land of silence.

Returning to the source – End of the dream

Our whole life is accidental, it is not a conscious choice. I could not choose my birth date and parents. My gender, my brothers and sisters even my children are not chosen by me. My body and my brain are also directed by genetic biochemistry and not by me. My direct perception is limited by the five senses of the body. My mind is a bundle of memories of pain and pleasure, belief systems, habitual patterns, and deep-rooted conditionings.
What is life? Is it the time interval between birth point and death point? If it is so, what is its significance? I simply experience the changing body, changing mind, and pass through the experiences of pain and pleasure.

I go on suffering from anger, grief, fear, anxiety, and resentment. I go on living with hopes and ambitions. The body goes on becoming older and older and finally, it will disintegrate. My pride, my possessions, my relationships, everything will be futile if my body dissolves and it is bound to dissolve. If this is the life which I blindly and helplessly following, what is the meaning in it?
Why our life is so empty and meaningless? It is because we live life objectively and not subjectively. The consciousness, the knowingness is the ‘subject’ and which is in the field of knowingness is the ‘object’. Without this subject, which is eternal consciousness, no outside world exists. The world we are experiencing is absolutely subjective, just a movement in consciousness. Our experience of life is conceptual, dreamlike, simply a matter of perception in duality. Every suffering indicates our disconnection with the source.
If we unfold the mystery of consciousness in which the life force pulsates, there is the end of the dream and we are in the source. Now our perception is not spontaneous and authentic, but it is a trained and borrowed phenomenon. It divides the wholeness into subject-object duality and eternity into time and space. This training is rooted in our subconscious mind, in our unconscious mind, in our astral energy, and in our genes. Again this also a matter of perception of wholeness into fragments.
Our workshop deals with consciousness and its infinite expanse. It is a mysterious journey starting from ourselves and destined in ourselves. When there is a fusion of subject and object, the sun of authentic beingness shines which is beyond perception and non-perception.

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