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Perceptual Shift

During our workshop, we have worked on different perception techniques. We passed through intense mediations. Now it is our responsibility to work consistently without any gap. This is because your biochemistry responds to your mediation and perceptual shift, and hence continuity is necessary.

Now we know how our energy moves with the quality of our consciousness. Let us become a magnet for what we authentically require. Let our awareness merge into the unified energy field.

Let us experience a greater sense of freedom and energy of pure peace.

There is no world except me – pure consciousness. There is no moon, and there is no sun or galaxies. Whatever the experiences are, I am experiencing myself.

Deepening the perceptual shift 1

Non-dual interpretation

There is no good experience or bad experience. It is a movement in consciousness. Something mysterious is unfolding. The secret hidden in our unconscious being is communicating with us and waiting for our comprehension.

Let us perceive the experience ‘as it is’. Without labeling it as a good or bad or manipulating it according to our conditionings, we remain in our ‘knowingness’. When you are in pure knowingness state, you perceive the whole mechanism. You will know why your energy is moving in a certain way. You will unleash the mystery of your success and failure.

Now the new dimension of intelligence opens for you. You have total awareness of the whole life. You can change your dream and finally transcending the dream, awakening happens.

Deepening the perceptual shift 2

Only awareness matters

Our heart is always heavy. Full of wounds, pain, fear, anger, and sadness. There is an enormous burden of achievement and approval. There is a continuous fight with inner and outer resistances. We go on searching outer things, thinking they are going to bring us happiness.

Now I know that every single thing that surrounds me is the feedback of my state of consciousness. Hence everything I want is an inside job.

By making my perception clear I can ignite and expand this infinite life force energy which is arising from pure silence and eternal stillness. It is a spontaneous and effortless life with all its splendor and beauty.

You are simple, humble, and intelligent. Extraordinariness sprouts from your ordinariness. There is no need to be great. You are already unique and uncomparable.

Our action is now motivated by awareness. It does not come from fear or reactivity. You realize everything is movement in consciousness and you are open to it. It will give you a great ecstasy. Your heart will start swing from star to star. The whole existence becomes a deep experience of your beingness.

Deepening the perceptual shift 3

Non-dual interpretation

Our physical, mental, and emotional realm is the movement of energy. Our comfort and discomfort are different modes of vibrations of energy. What we perceive by our senses is the effect of energy but not the energy itself. Hence we have no mastery over our life energy.

During the workshop, we have gained deeper insights, so that we can perceive this energy movement directly. We have also been introduced a perceptual procedure that deals with the causal plane. Let’s consistently apply the given procedure so that revelation is available by itself.

Now, how we embrace the fearful and challenging experiences? How do we deal with uncomfortable and unexpected physical events?

Generally, we make a story of all these pleasurable and unpleasurable experiences. In most of us, this story is heavy. The ego tries to make it beautiful and colorful, but the fact is that the story is heavy. It is choiceless and giving no sense of completeness. We identify with our story. This story without any conscious choice is our inner personality. It is rooted in the past and reflecting the future.

When you find yourself angry or frightened or in a situation where your behavior doesn’t make sense, you can be sure that you are reacting from your story, from your past, from your unconscious memory. Now your energy resonates with the similar.

In order to move in a new dimension, in the land of freedom and power, we have to drop the story. It has no validity. It is just a conditioned interpretation of memory.

Causal Plane