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Balancing of five elements

Our physical existence is made of the same stuff as the universe. We have a common source ‘Asambhut Brahma’. We are one with existence. We all share the same ultimate reality, the space for space, the silence of silence. It is beyond words and titles. Each of us is a universe in miniature.

The mysterious life force

The ancient yogis found that the universe is the interaction of five vital forces or five elements (panch mahabhute). life is manifested through the fusion of these five elements.

Each of us has these five elements within us. When these five elements are in perfect balance, we have perfect health and bubbling energy. Depending on the degree of imbalance we suffer on a physical, mental, and emotional level. We live a poor and weak life.

Everything contains five elements. Our body, our food, the tree, the mountain carry a different proportion of these five elements. There are different universes based on a number of elements. For instance, the universe of five elements, the universe of four elements, the universe of three elements, etc. Lower is the number of elements, higher is the dimension of the universe. The absolute is the source of all these universes but it is free from all of them.

In the Quantum Shift Workshop, we learn how to get in touch with each of these five elements. We learn the simple and natural technique to balance the five elements which symbolize five universal energy forces.

Spontaneous movement of energy