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The new paradigm of Health

What is our body? It is the eternal life intelligence that is manifested in the form of the body. It is not a biochemical machine. Its solid-material appearance is superficial reality dominated by our sensory limitations. Our ideas about the physical body are an illusion.

The five senses cannot go deep enough to experience the fusion of prana and life’, which we perceive as a physical body. Otherwise, it is the doorway to experience silence, fullness, and eternity.

When we transcend the ‘physical body concept’ which is rooted in our subconscious-unconscious mind, we can see that billions of years wisdom is woven into each and every cell. Every cell has infinite creative potential with full of intelligence, directed by our awareness level.

Unfortunately, our awareness level is not much higher. We are so mechanical, so lost, so unconscious. We are aware of the things only in terms of likes and dislikes, according to our programming and conditioning. For understanding, we rely only on intellect, which is a tiny aspect of the total intelligence.

We always dream of the body, which is enormously alive, highly sensitive, and active. The body having a vital immune system, a fit cardiovascular system, a balanced endocrine system, and so on. We dream of the heart with a sense of depth, love, and fullness. Brain functioning in its totality and excellent working memory. Yogi’s view is that, when the body is really healthy, it has its own tranquillity. It gives a sense of ‘no-body’ experience. The experience of unboundedness.

Our DNA is not just genetic information. It is trapped & programmed intelligence. Unless you raise your level of awareness, you cannot catch it. you cannot delete the misguided information at a genetic level without higher awareness. We go on living by beliefs and assumptions without knowing the reality within us.


In the Quantum Shift Workshop, we are dealing with simple and natural alchemy to rejuvenate our energy body. A way of arranging the infinite energy of the universe into our system. It gives a radical shift in our perception. You transcend your false ‘physical body concept’ and link with unmanifested, the eternal ‘wholeness’. You radiate Peace, Power, and Vibrant life.

Health has a very wide scope, real health happens in your subjectivity, in your energy and consciousness. Whenever there is no conflict between different dimensions of energies within you, whenever there is no conflict between you and the existence, you are healthy. In our consciousness, there are many contradictions and we are constantly strained in opposite directions.

Health is not only a physical phenomenon, it is the harmony between you and the whole. It is not simply healthy and strong muscles but a matter of life energy pulsating through you. Health is not only the absence of diseases but it is our natural state. Diseases indicate that your ‘inner’ is not at ‘ease’. Somehow, it has lost its innocence and natural state. The body energy has blocked and it has forgotten that its existence is a peak of joy and play of intelligence.

Natural alchemy